Boundary Road Breweries

This project involved creating an entirely new brand of micro brews in New Zealand. The adult beverage market was already saturated, so we employed the help of fellow New Zealanders to create our new line of beers, and to spread the word.

The Hyundai Genesis coupe was a bold new player in the sport sector of the automotive industry. So we took to the streets to promote the next big player on them.

This billboard prompted drivers to text "Speedtrap" to 70700. In return they received a Hyundai branded app that allowed them to see where speed traps were being set up, in real time. We did this in partnership with the app makers at

This interactive billboard for the 345 HP Genesis Coupe encouraged Times Square patrons to text in their favorite speeding excuses for the world to see. 

Below is a campaign that encouraged non-hybrid lovers to drive a better non-hybrid.Introducing the all-new Hyundai Tucson.

Street teams "cleaned the air" in Times Square while the TV spot played in the background.

Street teams "cleaned the air" in Times Square while the TV spot played in the background.

Working in tandem with Apple, we helped launch the Hyundai Equus. The first luxury car of its kind.

A slightly different strategy for launching the new Hyundai Tucson...

To help rebrand the NYNY Hotel & Casino, we developed the "Shut up and play" tagline and gave the lackluster hotel a bit of NYC attitude.

The Great New Zealand Science Project was a fully integrated campaign that encouraged New Zealanders to have their say on how science would shape the nation's future. 

This integrated campaign for Jacob's Creek wines allowed real wine drinkers to become the real wine critics.