Drkhrse and the nyc Alliance against sexual assault delivers social media campaign to tackle serious issues with serious gifage. 

In an attempt to reach out to, educate, and provoke a dialogue around issues dealing with sexual assault among an audience raised on the internet and weaned on social media, we hit them with a campaign centered around empowering hashtags like #MakeItKnown, #IAmAlliance, #RespectIsBae and backed up with lighthearted pastel gifs and playful illustrations that stay away from the heavy handed style of the vast majority of social cause media.       

DRKHRSE partners with TEN ARQUITECTOS to launch the new 53rd st. Branch of the Ny public library 

DRKHRSE recently shot this time-lapse video that highlights the final touches made on the interior of the 53rd St. branch of the New York Public Library system – a structure designed by Ten Arquitectos. Bold signage can be seen by patrons on all three floors of the 28,000 square foot building, while open, naturally-lit spaces encourage patron interaction and provide a feeling of expanse.

This is just a the first of several video projects we have lined up with this internationally renowned architecture firm.


DRKHRSE produced this brand book as the culmination of an exhaustive refocusing of ESA's core values and image.  We whittled ESA's brand down to one key phrase "experience is everything". Using student surveys, focus groups, and interviews with alumni and teachers the core values of the school became apparent: trust, stewardship, individuality, and the value of "learning experiences" over rote memorization of disconnected "facts". This rebranding enabled the school to secure funding that would help it become one of the top ranked private schools in the country. The full book is viewable on Issuu.      

DRKHRSE creates DRONE FILM featuring THE WORLD'S FIRST "COURTSCRAPER" (as seen on 60 minutes)

DRKHRSE created this video of the world's first ever "courtscraper" a few months back. The video has been viewed over 550,000 times and was recently featured on the CBS 60 Minutes episode, STARCHITECT. This video is a prime example of how we can use earned media to help brands get ahead in their respective marketplaces, without all of the $$$ usually required. 


We're currently in production on a on a project that places HD and VR cameras on the backs of racing pigeons. The birds (capable of flying 50 MPH for 500 miles at a time) will then fly through the boroughs of NYC, offering a perspective that until now has never been seen. The "pigeon pack" cameras were designed in a partnership with Sabri Farouki (partner at Farouki Farouki). The 3D-printed packs weigh just two ounces and contain an HD camera, have a GPS system and also have live-streaming capabilities. In the near future, we hope to license this technology to companies who may see value in these wearables. 

The OG HamburglAr

In an effort to bring some true love back to the McDonald's brand, we launched a series of short films to re-ignite the charisma and personality of the characters we grew up seeing. This is an independent project that immediately generated earned media coverage from USA Today, People Magazine, Perez Hilton, Adweek, AdFreak, and Fast Company, among others.  The fist episode gained over 30,000 views in the first nine hours. We are currently receiving submissions for the next plot line. 


Waverider is a feature length documentary film that we wrote and co-produced. It tells the story of an unknown Fijian boatman who earned the right to compete against the best surfers in the world. The film (starring Idei Tokovo and Kelly Slater) has won numerous awards including "Best Film" at the New Zealand O'Neill Surf Film Festival. IMDB


In this campaign for the NHTSA (NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION SAFETY ADMINISTRATION) we created a series of Vine videos that created a movement around seat belt safety. The overarching campaign idea was that it only takes a few seconds to enjoy life, so it makes sense to take a few extra seconds to buckle up. Aimed at people aged 16-30, using Vine platform allowed us to gain over sixteen million views on a shoe-string budget.  To see more of the vines created, go to #3seconds2life on Vine.

hermosa beach bungalows

 A short-film showcasing the Hermosa Beach Bungalows, one of the premier surf resorts in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica. 


Some salespeople really love their brand.